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Digoxin useful or not?

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Another service that is well worth subscribing to… Alberta’s Tools for Practice, provided by ACFP. Today’s question is…

Digoxin: Old friend or best left on the shelf?

Clinical Question: Does digoxin change clinical outcomes for patients with congestive heart failure or atrial fibrillation?

I don’t want to be a spoiler but the answer is not what you probably think it is. Check out the TFP site. Here is more blurb from ACFP:

Tools for Practice is a biweekly article summarizing medical evidence with a focus on topical issues and practice modifying information. It is coordinated by G. Michael Allan, MD, CCFP and the content is written by practicing family physicians who are joined occasionally by a health professional from another medical specialty or health discipline. Each article is peer-reviewed, ensuring it maintains a high standard of quality, accuracy, and academic integrity. 

The ACFP has supported the publishing and distribution of the Tools for Practice library since 2009. If you are not a member of the ACFP and would like to receive the TFP emails, please sign up for the distribution list at Archived articles are available at no extra cost on the ACFP website.

And just like CMA’s POEMs service, you can claim CME credits for participating in these.

POEM: Gout prediction rule doesn’t need joint fluid analysis

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Another great POEM from the CMA series. We highly recommend this service for CMA members. And remember you can claim CME credits by using them.

Gout prediction rule doesn’t need joint fluid analysis

Clinical question

Can simple clinical factors accurately predict gout in patients with acute monoarthritis?

Let’s Make our Day Harder – YouTube

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POEMS on wound eversion

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CMA publishes a terrific service called POEMS. This week they sent out a nice little tip about

Is wound eversion necessary to minimize scarring?

Clinical question:

Is it necessary to evert wound edges to improve cosmetic outcome after cutaneous wound closure?


Nice study of great relevance to rural docs. 

POEMS = Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters. 

We don’t want to give the game away, and undermine the value of CMA’s excellent service. So check it out yourself at , if you are not already a subscriber to their POEMs service. 

Even better, you can also claim CME micro-credits by participating in POEMs. Good stuff!

The epidemic of burnout, depression and suicide in medicine: One doctor’s story

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18 May, 2015 08:58

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Ultrasound sign could help diagnose giant cell arteritis

Sound waves could be viable alternative in diagnosing minor fractures

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