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We are so sorry everyone.

For our last webinar of the season tonight, we are sitting here all ready to go. Simon Goldstein is all raring to go with his presentation about Pediatric Gait Abnormalities.

For some odd reason, only 3 people were able to connect tonight. Some sort of server problem – our local tech support has gone home for the night. Adobe Connect main support cannot reboot our University servers.

All fun and games!

We are going to try to hold this again on one of the following evenings: Mar 15th, 29th or April 19th. The usual emails will go out.


CURIOS on Gyne procedures Apr 13th

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Our next CURIOS webinar is coming up real quick here on Wed April 13th, 2016 at 6:30pm

Dr Erin Brennand is going to do a run through of simple gyne office procedures in another of our highly interactive sessions.

Check out our new format here before the webinar – cases to try, puzzles to solve.

If you are interested in claiming more advanced CME credits for these sessions, check out our new developments here.

A different kind of dope?

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Being liberal with the current theme of dopes, after this morning’s post about narcotic drugs. We’ve been used to drug and cheating scandals in cycling. Who still wears a yellow wristband?


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But this week saw the first case of technical doping: Engadget reports on ‘Cycling officials find motor hidden inside competition bike‘, where a hidden motor has been allegedly found inside a bicycle frame. “It wasn’t my bike,” claims the rider, but she must think us a bunch of dopes if she is pedalling that story. (It’s the weekend – the humor is awful.)

Prescribing for Pain

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There have been several recent topics to get us thinking more about this. Without trying to be morbid in the wake of yesterday’s post about Physician Assisted Dying on our sister site, the high number of recent deaths from fentanyl makes us think about whole different kind of PAD.

iMedicalApps just posted a note about an app called ‘Safe Opioids‘, (scan the QR code to find the app) along with comments and review, along with commentary about some other apps and calculators that are out there. I do agree with their comments that there is a quite a bit of variability with the narcotic equivalent calculators – worth doing a comparison run to see what equivalent doses you get.

It also reminded me of something that I came across on Bandolier a few years ago. The Oxford League of analgesics in acute pain – a nicely done table. It does rank quite a few -coxibs that we don’t have here but is useful nonetheless, especially for educating your learners.

You’ll note that the narcotics don’t fare particularly well. Doctors from other countries remark upon our high use of codeine in Canada. Maybe we are training our patients’ nociceptors to expect a certain hit. CaMH and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta do a very practical course on Opioid Dependence Treatment, facilitated by our CME office here at the University of Calgary. Lots of case discussions, based on our OpenLabyrinth virtual patient platform.

Cabin Fever 2016 at Kananaskis

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Come on out to Kananaskis this weekend for Cabin Fever 2016. This is our annual faculty development event for rural physician teachers, hosted by Distributed Learning & Rural Initiatives (DLRI) at the Cumming School of Medicine.

Starting tonight, this is one of the most vibrant FacDev events in Medical Education in Canada, with lots of great presenters, all with a rural focus. Families, students, residents and even a few preceptors will all be there to learn and have fun.

Follow the Twitter hashtag #cfvr2016 for the latest updates.

CURIOS at Cabin Fever 2016

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Coming to Cabin Fever (#cfvr2016) in Kananaskis this year? Hope to see you all in a couple of day’s time. This annual faculty development event for rural Alberta clinical teachers is hosted by Distributed Learning & Rural Initiatives (DLRI) at the University of Calgary.

One of the things that we hope to show off is part of our CURIOS tools – the Video Mashup tool. Check out a few week examples here…

Come by the PLP booth and check it out.

CURIOS Video Mashup service

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Finally, we have the video mashup service running properly.

Check out the announcement here.

Or if you want to dive right into an example…

Our announcement on the other site gives a lot more information on how to use this valuable teaching tool.